1930's RenuLife Model 2 Violet Ray Machine with Added Rheostat

Electrically Upgraded, Modified & Refurbished
1930's RenuLife Model 2 Violet Ray Machine with Added Rheostat.

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This 1930's RenuLife Model 2 High Frequency Generator (a.k.a. violet ray or violet wand) has been electrically upgraded and cannot be compared to other "STOCK" RenuLife Model 2 violet ray machines being sold at half the price or less elsewhere on the web! This is a very sweet unit and has been beautifully restored and electrically upgraded. On the inside, the purple colored velvet is still in very good condition! Electrically, the device is in perfect working order! Rated at 25W this is a great machine for both the novice and the experienced user and is plenty powerful for whatever your intended purpose! Please see photos. All original RenuLife violet ray documentation is freely available for download off of my ( web site.

Key Points of My Electrical Upgrade Include:
For more details about my upgrades, please see explanations below (*)

• New cords and grounded plug.
• Addition of a grounded illuminated switch. **
• New high voltage capacitor that won't overheat. ***
• Addition of a fuse holder and fuse. ****
• Addition of an EMI (electromagnetic interference) filter. *****
• Reconditioned case exterior and interior.
• Adjusted interrupter contact spring.
• Reconditioned high frequency coil with new wax.

Included Attachments: Metal electrode, medium surface electrode with internal wire, rake electrode.

Warranty: All wiring and new components are guaranteed to be free of defects and to operate optimally for a period of one year after the purchase date. Antique components including the high frequency coil, kicker coil, interrupter mechanism and glass electrodes are not covered under this warranty. Warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser of my electrically upgraded violet ray machines.

** One will notice that antique American violet ray machines do not have a switch. In order to turn them off, one must unplug the device! Well by the 1940's this method of turning a violet ray off was old school. Even so, violet ray manufacturers still did not add a real switch to their high frequency devices. The addition of a grounded switch to this machine allows for the user to completely power the device down without having to unplug it. Plain and simple, it's not only safer, but a modern day necessity to have a switch to turn a machine off.

*** The original wax paper and tinfoil capacitors used in antique violet ray machines were destined for failure from the very moment they were put into a machine. Frequent extended use, the passage of time, and exposure to the elements all contribute the demise of these old capacitors. Little by little, wax begins to leak and evaporate out of the capacitor and when enough has leaked out, the capacitor shorts out internally and seizes to function. 99.99% of all (non-electrically upgraded) antique violet ray machines have capacitors that are either in the process of failing or dead. This machine has a new, appropriately rated and high quality capacitor to replace the old one. It won't overheat and will last indefinitely.

**** A fuse holder and 500mA fuse have been added to protect the high frequency coil of accidental over-current.

***** An EMI (electromagnetic interference filter) has been added to prevent high frequency current from bleeding back into the house electrical. This helps to prevent accidental damage to modern electronics that may be plugged into the same electrical circuit.


The electrical devices we sell are meant for experimental research only & not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. Please see a medical professional if your are ill or in poor health. Some of the devices we sell are vintage medical devices with old components that can fail at any time. Even though the vintage violet ray machines we sell have been tested and in some cases rewired and may contain replaced components, there is a risk of electric shock. Should one come into contact with ground (any conductive object or surface that is connected to earth) and be holding or touching the metal electrode with any part of the body while a violet ray machine is operating, a serious and potentially lethal electric shock can be received. If one intends to operate these antique violet ray devices, proper safety precautions must always be observed. We assume that any operator of such a device will take the necessary steps to do his or her own research as to how to operate such a device in a safe manner. Violet ray machines produce high frequency, high voltage that will interfere with with cardiac pace makers. Any person that has a heart rhythm regulatory device (pace maker) must not operate a violet ray machine!!! Such individuals must also maintain a substantial distance from these devices, otherwise a pacemaker can malfunction! The radio frequencies that emanate from violet ray machines may interfere with television reception in your house and the television reception of your neighbors. These devices can also interfere with wireless internet connections and interfere with internet routers and therefore you may be braking the law by using such devices. We assume no responsibility for any loss of property, electric shock, physical or psychological harm, or death as a result of operating a violet ray machine or other electrical device that was purchased from this web site or other online services.