My name is Steffan and I have been an electrician for the last 25 years. My interest in Tesla began when I was 13. My step father would occasionally bring out his coveted Tesla coil and he would demonstrate the magic of high voltage, high frequency electricity. He would string four or five of us together hand in hand. Then he gave the person at one end of the string a fluorescent light bulb to hold. The person at the beginning of the chain, held the metal electrode. When he turned the Tesla coil on, the fluorescent tube would magically illuminate. That was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

But then I grew up and didn't rediscover Tesla until I was in my late thirties. A that time in the mid 90's the internet was still in it's infancy and there was very little information about Nikola Tesla and how to construct his famed High voltage, high frequency coil. Then in 2013, my intense desire to build a tesla coil reemerged. By then the internet had evolved exponentially and there was a wealth of information on Nikola Tesla and Tesla coil construction. The greatest challenge now, was to sort through the mass of digital material that was available online and picking out the information that was most useful. By mid March 2013, I had constructed my first Tesla coil. Click on this link to visit my Tesla coil page.

As part of my tesla coil research I stumbled onto Stefan Kluge's Tesla page. Kluge, a resident of Germany, is very much into Tesla technology. Not surprisingly he's also is into violet ray machines and has a number of photographs on his web site of machines he has collected over the years. Upon viewing these images, I immediately realized that my step dad's tesla coil, was yes a tesla coil, but more accurately a violet ray machine. This opened up a whole new angle to explore, which was using Tesla technology for health and wellbeing! My step dad gave me his treasured Tesla coil 8 months before he passed away in July of 2014.

Now, with a really nice violet ray machine in my hands and because of my love for tech and electricity, the next obvious thing to do was to open the case of my step dad's tesla coil and learn how it was put together. One thing lead to another and I began acquiring vintage violet ray machines of different makes and models and refurbishing them for resale.

The refurbishing process has evolved from simply replacing the high voltage capacitor, internal wiring and cables, to also adding an EMI filter to the circuit to minimize high frequency, high voltage from leaking back into the house electrical. High frequency current (RF) can damage sensitive electronic devices in your home and interfere with internet equipment. In addition, I now also add a grounded, illuminated on/off switch, a fuse and a wirewound rheostat for ultra fine level control. I love working with violet ray machines so much, that I finally decided to put together a web site called Steffan's Violet Ray & Violet Wand Shop, so that I might offer violet ray repair services, refurbished machines and violet ray accessories. In so doing, I'm following the motto, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

That very first violet ray machine I received from my step dad, just happened to be at the top of the the RenuLife High Frequency Generator lineup, The Model R. The photo below shows the machine prior to it's restoration. The image contains both the topside of the control board and also the flip side with all the components mounted to it. This machine has two high frequency coils, one is in the wand for the violet ray and the other can be seen below (vertical cylinder, top left) and is used for powering the ozone generator. The two coils are identical.

RenuLife Model R